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Migration Visa and Mediation Consultancy

I offer a specialist professional consultancy service, focused on provision of comprehensive advice and assistance to clients seeking to secure migration visa for employment, studies or settlement overseas.


My overriding objective is to assist clients in the overseas visa application process to successfully secure that valued visa for employment, studies and or settlement.

As a United Kingdom trained lawyer I have extensive practical knowledge of United Kingdom Immigration law and have assisted clients to navigate visa applications for employment, studies and settlement to countries like Canada, USA and other developed economies.


Most developed economies, such as Canada, seek to attract labour, especially skilled labour or economic migrants. The United Kingdom Points Based Skills system is similar to other types of visa categories as used by the USA. 

Hence, given my extensive experience, clients are given the most effective advice on how to satisfy the requirements for visas.


For competitive fixed fees, my consultancy advice and assist a wide range of clients to secure the type of visa to enable them to fulfil their immigration ambitions.

A basic fixed registration fee gives clients access to premium services.